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Mark Leland

I am passionate about helping those in need in my community. The most in need are the young students who cannot provide for themselves. It is my mission to help students stay fed and full so that they can focus on what truly matters- being a kid! To view the article that inspired me, click here.
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We are starting in our home state, Florida. However, please continue to check back as we add resources for other states across the United States.
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Why These Students Need You

With the rising costs of school lunch it is no surprise that there are students who fall behind and it is completely out of their control. These in-debt students are often embarrassed in front of their peers to find that they won’t be able to eat the same lunch. The lunch replacement provided is less substantial, offering less food and often leaves these students hungry and frustrated.


Million Students
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1 in 5

Children Live Below
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If you have a picture of yourself donating to a school, please send us a copy. We will highlight it on our “Lunch Legacies” page!