Some Helpful Information

The First Steps

To take the first step in helping your community, all you need is a smart phone or computer to complete a simple Google search. Navigate to your preferred search engine and enter the query, “local elementary schools” or “local elementary schools near me”. The search results will then come up and provide you with a list of elementary schools (or middle or high, if you choose) in your local area/county. These listings will often include the school’s phone number. All you have to do is click the number to call! It really is just that simple! 
We’ve Got You Covered

Not Sure What To Say?

We are very excited that you’ve decided to take these first steps to help children in your local area and beyond. Cold calling can be intimidating but we don’t want that to stop you. To help, we’re giving you the script we use each time we call a new school. 
Help Children In Florida

Choose Any County To Get Started

We also encourage people to broaden their horizons when helping children. Below we have included the state map of Florida that has been divided into counties for your ease of use. Simply identify the county by hovering over it on the map and the county name will appear. If this is the county you were looking for you can click on it to be redirected to that school district’s website. Once on their website, you can access the list of schools and their information. Choose a school, give them a call, and follow the script we’ve provided you!
You can also choose a county below: